Sunday, December 09, 2007

Second Story floor poured!!

What was supposed to be a early morning pour soon turned into an early afternoon pour. I think the first truck arrived around 12:00 pm. Because we were pouring the second level floor we needed to use a concrete pump. It wasn't exactly the easiest pour either because of re-rod and electrical tubing. The finished product. Another rustic red floor. Cristian, Melvin and Anthony puting on the first coat of sealer. Praise God we have good this far this quick. We are still hoping to be able to move into the first floor in March. Pray that all the needed funds will come in, in time to finish on schedule.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Progress continues despite lots of rain!

We are now ready to start plastering inside and out on the first floor. We are planning to pour the second story floor this week and then start putting the roof on the front entrance area and the back entrance area. Continue to pray the funds will keep flowing and we will be able to finish the downstairs area before march.