Sunday, December 10, 2006

Week of Dec. 8, 2006 Wow look at those Dorm Rooms taking shape!!!

Pouring the viga for the first dorm room. Isn't God so faithful!! We can't wait to have people stay in these dorm rooms.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Base Construction Progress Report- December 2, 2006

Jonthan Thompson and Leon Bushee did a great job of getting the warehouse painted. It has a few areas that need some paint yet but is really close to having everthing done. Great job guys!! Leon and his wife Natalie stayed in the apartment this last week so now it is ready for guests and waiting for Carlos to move in. It is really exciting to see things come to completion. The Chapel has come a long way in the last month. The group from the "The Chapel" in North Canton, Ohio did agreat job of poring the cement beam around the top. It is now ready for a roof which we are planning that River of Life from Middlebury In. will do that in January. Then it will need to have the plastering done and the floor poured. We can't wait to use this building. The last several weeks we have been concentrating on the three dorm rooms. For those of you that have been here in the last two months you probably think that things are going pretty slow. One thing that has held us up is doing all the back fill by hand. We have finally finished and have most everything back filled to floor level. It you have ever moved tosca (that is the rock and dirt fill that we use) with a shovel, you know it is no easy task. We moved 300 cubic meters of material, mostly by hand. For that reason it has taken a while but we are on the move again. The first dorm room is ready for the cement beam above the windows and the second will be ready on Tuesday of this week if it doesn't rain. Our goal is to have the three dorms ready for roofs by January 20, 2007 when the group from River of Life comes. Praise God for His faithfullness!!! Sorry to say there has been very little progress here. The building company finally got the stairway fixed and it looks good now. We also installed the wire mesh on the second floor so we are ready to pour concrete. For the most part we have not done much here in the last month. This is what is going to be the cistern. Right now it is a small swimming pool. It will hold 20,000 gallons of water when complete and have a nice gazebo above it that will provide an exceptional view of the mountain. The cistern will provide constant gravity water flow to all the construction below. Continue to pray for us as we continue to be faithful to what God has called us to. We have spent about $200,000 on this project and need about another $100,000 to be able to bring the project to a some what completed stage. Our target date to complete the project is April 30, 2007 but may not be realistic. If not, then we will hope to be done sometime in the fall of 2007. Thanks to all of you that have participated in this project and have prayed for us. We love you and cherish your support. Lowell Troyer SI/DR Director

Fall Family Outreach in the DR and some decided that Construction was the easy way out!

Wow, look at that mottly group of rednecks and Dominicans working togather. Well they got a lot of work done and sure had a good time doing it. Now this is quite the team here. I am surprised they didn't kill each other trying to paint this building!!!! I only had to go untangle the hose from around their legs several times all week. No really they did an excellent job. Thanks guys Noah Thompson I think you found your calling in life. Family outreaches really do work! Hey when all else fails go haul bricks. These guys thought they were in Egypt!