Friday, January 26, 2007

Day five - What a fabulous finish!!!

This is what it looked like at about 3:00 pm on Friday afternoon! This is what it looked like at 4:00 pm as the guys finished up! I just want to say thank you to all that came on and made this outreach possible. For me this has been the high light of this project so far. Only in my dreams could I imagine getting all this work done in one week. But let's take time to praise God for his faithfullness during this outreach. It never rained one drop during the work time, that is a miracle this time of year. No one was injured during all this work. We had minor things happen like some bug bites and a few stitches but nothing serious. We had all the materials necessary. Everyone worked togather well and we had a great time. God was here with us and he showed his faithfullness and the work that was done was a testimony to all that observed it. Special thanks to George Hofsommer for leading this team. Also special thanks to Vern Heacock, Phil Heacock and Roger Hoover for your leadership in building the roofs. God used you all mightly this week to further his kingdom here in the Dominican Republic. Blessings to all of you until you can return.

Day four of the ROLF and Heacock Outreach!

We just wanted you to know really how much revelation 15 year Paul Marner got on this trip. He has decided that God is calling him to be a taxi driver in the DR. We thought maybe he should test his skills first. Hope Janelle has good insurance!!! Tyler decided that he needed a shot in the arm to keep him going. So we turned Doctor Alba loose on him!!! Nothing like team work to get the job done. Coffee break time. We could all use more of these! Trennis you the man! Go Lamont! Don't those dorm rooms look nice wth the porches on them? It is totally amazing what a difference a few people can make in one week for the Kingdom of God. Would't it be amazing it we live and worked like all the time. The world would change right before our very own eys. Thanks so much to all of you that have been supporting this project both financially and in prayer.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day three progress!

I am sorry not to have any action shots from today. You will just have to see the progress in the buildings. As you can see we made great progress today. We have all the metal on two of the four roofs and should have all the metal on all four roofs tomorrow. We have a lot of detail stuff to do yet but we are confident we will be able to make a huge difference tomorrow. Blessings and keep checking for more updates. Remember to keep praying for the funds to complete this project. We still need between $125,000 to $175,000 to get us moved into the facility. Thanks so much for your support.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day two of the Outreach!

Ellen, Ruth, and Amy painting again. Willie and Ruben Miller playing roof monkeys! Ray, Mitch, Brad, and Lamont building knee walls! The heavy equipment at work again. Vern Heacock, Laban Miller and Verle Stutzman cutting out and assembling trusses. Trennis Vaughn and Brad Dewald framing the third dorm room. Wes Miller up on the ladder. All I have to say is, where is the keyboard? A good look at many of the gang at work. Well, what do you think of the progress of day two? I think it is amazing what is getting done in such a short time. I wasn't sure we could get all four roofs done in five days but I am starting to believe it is possible. Praise God for perfect weather so far. It has been around 80 each day with lots of sun. Too bad for those of you from Indiana that didn't come!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Day one proves to be a very successful day!

The women that came to paint are getting right to work the first thing in the morning Vern Heacock being assisted by Jose Ignacio on laying out and cutting the rafters for the Chapel Building Phil Heacock is the other master mind behind the the Chapel roof. He is being assisted here by Rueben and Willie Miller. Day one was very successful on the Chapel. We have four rafters in place and most of the other are cut waiting to be installed. Good job guys. The team of guys working on the dorm rooms was headed up by Roger Hoover. Here you see Tom and Mitch Mosier and Brad DeWald forming a team to assemble rafters for the dorms. Who says you need equipment to do heavy work!! We are still not sure of this team? Trennis Vaughn and George Hofsommer, two pilots putting on roofs. Good job guys!!! Day one results of the dorm rooms. I think it is going to be a fabulous week. Keep checking for more up dates.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Welcome River of Life and The Heacock Teams! First Outreach of 2007

The teams all arrived safely and with all their luggage Saturaday night. Praise God for his protection and grace for a long day of travel. As always we don't have any extra room just enough to get the job done. This is what the teams have to start with on Monday morning. Vern and Phil Heacock will be directing the work on the Chapel building. Roger Hoover, a United Airlines pilot and good friend of George Hofsommer, will be leading the work on the dorm rooms. They told me tonight that they would be golfing on Friday so check back in to see daily progress.