Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Dorm Rooms are now all plastered!

Don't they look great! The dorm rooms are ready for floors and paint.

Hey new shoes for the workers-Thanks Donnie Ott

They all made the trip well and we had no problems in customs. Christian eyeing his new prize Rudy looking them over good. Rudy and Son having fun picking out their new shoes. William taking a pair. Fico taking his turn Melvin with a huge smile while getting his new work boots. This is a very contented group of guys with brand new boots. Thanks again Don for thinking of this.

New Base Septic Project

Here you can see the three stage septic tank being layed up with block This area is where the water will be filtered before reentering the creek. Another view of the filter box. It is real difficult here to use a drain field type system to get rid of your gray water. Myron Mullet from Colorado is helping us design a way to clean the water before putting it back into the eco-system. It should be a great example to the community on how simple water treatment plants can be made. Thanks Myron for your help.