Friday, February 27, 2009

Update on Staff and Office area of the New Base

As you can see we have been able to get all the walls painted. Thanks to Clinton Brick Mennonite Church that gave a donation from there Missions Sunday offering we were able to get all the walls painted. Thank you Clinton Brick Mennonite for be faithful with what God has entrusted with you. We continue to ask God for the provision to finish this area. We have new Team Directors here now, Josh and Vicki Matthews and soon they will be needing an office. We have others coming this fall that will need office space as well. So we are confident that God will allow us to finish the vision that he gave us several years earlier. You can see that we still do not have windows and doors in yet. Well we just received word this week that the $5,000 dollars that we needed to put those in, has been approved to send. Thanks to Wintonbury Baptist Church who have been such faithful supporters of SI over the last number of years. So soon we will be able to update you with photos of the area with all it's doors and windows. Praise God for His faithfulness. We feel we need about $10,000 more to be able to move into this area. It probably won't be totally complete but will be good enough for us to be able to utilize it. We need about $2000 to clean and polish the colored cement floors. We need the other $8,000 to finish four bathrooms, put ceilings in 8 rooms, the rest will be in final finish things. We are praying this will come soon. praying with us that God in His time will supply all that is needed to move into this area. We believe it will happen during this year even though this is one of the worst years the economy of the US has seen. God is still faithful he never changes and he does not depend on the wealth of the world. Praise God always no matter what the circumstances are and we Praise God always for all of you that continue to support us with your prayers and finances. Blessings

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